Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Three Important Reasons for Sending Personalized Emails to Clients

Most business owners are quick to dismiss the importance of email marketing nowadays, especially when there are a host of other, more interactive means to get in touch with their patrons. However, although people may seem more disinterested with emailed marketing materials, it cannot be denied that there are still a lot of benefits that can be derived from it.

Customer Retention

Company websites are encouraged to have options for subscriptions to newsletters and other materials. Making it optional is important because email users value their privacy very intensely. The last thing anyone would want is to enter a website and then find out that their email had been picked up without them knowing, and the next thing they know, they’re being spammed by all these marketing emails.

With the patron’s express permission, it already establishes the foundation for a more direct client-company relationship online. And although they may not necessarily transact with your business immediately, your regular updates to them should at least keep your brand in their stream of consciousness.

User Engagement and Conversions

What you want to achieve with all of your marketing efforts is to be always top of mind as a choice. Email marketing helps achieve this objective by improving user engagement. Online shopping companies, for example, pay close attention to the items you have on your Wishlist.

This feature basically lets you save the items that you’re interested in, but have not, for some reason, purchased yet. Once the item goes on sale, the company can send you an email to inform you that the item you’ve been eyeing is now being sold on discount.

Not only does this ensure that you are given the chance to enjoy the sale, it also shows that you care about your patron enough to send them a “personalized” message just to let you know about the sale.

It may not seem much, but this kind of strategy has been found to be effective especially in improving user engagement, encouraging conversions.

Promoting Customer Loyalty

Beyond simply reaching a wider audience and introducing your brand to them, email marketing aims to promote customer loyalty. By sending “personalized” messages such as the one in the example above, the patron is much more inclined to believe that this is a brand that is seriously invested and committed to providing good service.

Clients always want to feel like they matter and that their feedback and are important. Providing them a useful channel for communication helps reassure them of this.


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