Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Marketing Trends: Why Do Consumers Crave Personalized Experiences?

Picture this out.

Isn’t it that between receiving a random gift, say a plain black, leather wallet, versus receiving a leather wallet in your favorite color with your initials imprinted on the inside, the latter is better appreciated?

These days, personalization, from consumer products to online experiences, is vital to maintain engagement and boost a business’ bottom line.

In fact, the latest technological advancements allow people to receive personalized recommendations online, thereby changing their expectations and the way they engage with content.

Personalized marketing experts know such a fact and are developing strategies to give their target consumers what they need and want. The following are some factors and theories that explain why people lean more toward personalized experiences:

Relevance is Key

Personalized marketing aims to generate and spread relevant content, and by relevant, it means that businesses have to invest time and make an effort to really get to know their target market. They should utilize information that their audience is naturally inclined to find interesting and meaningful.

People are more likely to pay attention to ideas and concepts that they are personally invested or involved in. They have a tendency to tune out things that they’re not interested in and focus on what matters to them.

Psychology of Using a Person’s Name

Dale Carnegie, in his book How to Win Friends and Influence People, stated that remembering and using a person’s name whenever appropriate is an effective way of winning them over to your way of thinking. This means that using your customers or clients’ names in your marketing efforts can endear them to your brand and make them feel special.

To start with, address recipients of your lead-generating emails by name and greet returning customers on your page by name. By doing so, you’re able to grant them a personalized experience regardless of how small or big it seems.


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