Monday, 19 September 2016

The Benefits and Advantages of Using Personalized Email for Branding

In all of the email marketing strategies that you take on, the most important component that marketers should be conscious of is how consistent they are in their branding. In a nutshell, this is the careful curation of public image and impression towards your company. 

Behind Successful Brands

Behind every successful brand is a strong, effective core message that encapsulates the values and of the company. It must be relatable, easily communicated to your target market, and reflective of the kind of service and professional image you would like your company to have.

Your branding can be reflected in your company logo, colors, even the kind of campaigns that you run. Another way to further impress consistent branding upon your target market’s consciousness is by using email marketing.

Take note that it shouldn’t be just any kind of generic email, but rather, it should be personalized.

Personalized Success

What you have to realize is that clients and target markets respond more positively to your marketing efforts when they feel like you are talking to them directly. They want to feel like you recognize the important role they play in your business success. After all, where would you be without their patronage?

They do appreciate the sweet talk, but more than that, they want to feel that you actually took the time to really get to know them—their perks, quirks, and peeves as a consumer in particular. Doing so reflects a sense of deep commitment on your part to truly provide good quality service. This is what will ensure their loyalty to you.

Message Retention

Simply put, you can’t be sending out auto-generated emails and expect them to respond positively by making a personal effort to support your brand. It’s a tit for tat, and the effort will have to come from you.


Study: Personalized Emails Deliver 6X Higher Transaction Rates, But 70% of Brands Fail to Use Them. Marketing Land.

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