Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Personal Segmentation as Personalized Marketing: How to Harness It

The world of online retail is, for lack of a better word, vast. Sites too numerous to count offer products too numerous to mention, and they are all looking for the sales to keep them going. You understand this because you're caught in the middle. You have good months and bad, and you want to break the cycle. You've executed mass marketing campaigns with little or no success, so you want to try something else. This is where personalized segmentation comes into play.

This form of advertising, a spin-off of personalized marketing, separates customers into levels of lifestyle cycles. This is done to customize various online marketing campaigns to fit their behaviors and activities. Through a review of online history, personalized segmentation permits the development of customized Facebook ads, product ads, and personal emails.

When this form of personalized marketing is used, an altogether different type of customization is achieved. This is due to the creation of detailed, relevant content for segmentation subsets. For example, what a one-time customer may see is different than the marketing for a returning client. The more a new or potential customer views a site, the more data is gathered to produce the best personalized material.

There are two definite advantages to personalized segmentation. One, you avoid spending money on useless marketing channels or companies that aren’t likely to deliver the results you want to see. You can see what works and so you can funnel investment to more fruitful marketing pursuits.

Two, you discover niches for your business you never knew existed. For example, your products may be popular with a certain group of individuals in a particular region. When potential customers discover you, you create new markets for your products or services.


Step-by-Step Customer Segmentation for Personalized Marketing,

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