Saturday, 7 January 2017

How Facebook’s Local Awareness Ads Can Help You Attract Customers

Facebook's local awareness ads can turn around a low-performing store or boost the sales of an already well-to-do business. Many small business all around the globe have had great success with it. If you want to experience their success for yourself, here are some of the great ways Facebook's local awareness ads help you attract customers, including examples of businesses who have seen success with this form of advertising: 

Businesses with Multiple Locations Can Target Users

One of the updates that
Facebook made to its local awareness ads is allowing businesses with multiple locations to target users to specific sites. You could set up the ad to automatically change the city name to the city of the user's location. This feature is very convenient for businesses that have multiple locations or serve several areas.

Improves Ad Targeting via Local Insights

Facebook's local insights feature allows businesses to improve ad targeting by providing business owners with important demographic details. Some of the demographic information local insights shares with you is age, gender, and whether or not the user is a resident or tourist. With local insights, you can also target users within a close proximity of your store.

Easier to Reach Out to Your Target Audience

Local awareness ads make it easier for you to reach out to your target audience on Facebook. Not only do they allow you to target users from different locations, but they conveniently offer "call now" and "get directions" buttons for easier conversions. When users only have to tap a button to call you or find directions to your store, they are more likely to visit.

Many Businesses Are Benefiting from Local Awareness Ads

Many businesses, large and small, are benefiting from local awareness ads. Examples of businesses that have seen success with them are UGG Australia, Tire Discounters, and EI School of Professional Makeup. As reported by the VP of Consumer Engagement at UGG Australia, the company received 3X return on their Facebook ad spend with local awareness ads. Tire Discounters successfully used local awareness ads to boost sales at their lowest performing stores.

Facebook's local awareness ads have been helping many small businesses around the world attract customers. Talk to a good digital marketing company to learn how you can harness this tool to your full benefit.


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