Friday, 13 January 2017

3 Essential Elements of Personalized Marketing You Should Consider

There's no denying the importance of having an effective landing page to capture lead information and encourage conversions. Since you're likely asking site visitors to take a specific action, you'll get better results by personalizing it. Including the essential elements below to your personalized marketing efforts often leads to consistent results.

Simple and Concise Design

The purpose of a website is to convey your brand's image and the overall messaging needs to be consistent with every page of your site. The landing page is where the action takes place on your site, so its design has to be even more concise. Design simplification doesn't mean sacrificing on messaging, it just means carefully selecting what you present.

Mobile-Friendly Structure

Page load time really matters on a landing page, especially when visitors are coming to your site from a mobile device. If it takes longer than 2-5 seconds for it to load, you'll likely lose potential conversions. Distractions such as having clickable links or buttons too close together can be just as frustrating to mobile visitors using smaller screens.

Clear Call-to-Action

An amazing landing page design isn't going to do you any favors without a clear call-to-action. Opt for short and sweet with the phrasing and place it where it's easily viewable. Go a step further and include a headline that matches your CTA. Convey trust with a CTA accurately stating what visitors will get by completing a conversion.

Personalized marketing tends to resonate well with online consumers. The basic setup of your landing page is equally essential. Removing navigation, for instance, keeps potential leads on your landing page by minimizing reasons to leave. Consider working with a marketing team familiar with personalized marketing to further boost your conversion efforts.


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