Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Three Personalized Marketing Principles to Get Behind for Beginners

Personalized marketing has long been employed by big name brands as a way to keep customers engaged, and most of all, increase revenue. However, for small to medium businesses, personalization isn’t so cut and dry. Though it’s often talked about in marketing circles in these areas, few can declare that they’ve mastered it, much less tried it. Personalized marketing can be overwhelming at the beginning, but there are mainstay techniques newbies can always follow.

Go beyond just putting the customer’s first name on emails.

Aside from using first names, you can personalize your content better by segregating email subscribers according to their level of engagement. You can entice those less engaged with material that have minimal to zero marketing language. Meanwhile, you can send your most marketing-heavy materials to groups that are highly engaged.

Be consistent with personalization.

Having long-term customers is all about building a positive relationship with them. Personalization can win a customer over and encourage them to use your services again, and to be effective, you need to be consistent on every online channel you use, whether it be email, website, social media, etc. There are tools for this, and you can learn about them from an expert in digital marketing.

Ask the right questions in a straightforward manner.

Asking the right questions is key in effective personalization and segmentation of your audience. Ask your customers straightforwardly why they visited your website, became a user, or subscribed to your email list. Their reasons can give you invaluable data that can help you create highly targeted emails. Avoid asking for too much information in exchange for content, as customers don’t want to feel like they’re being interrogated.


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