Saturday, 10 December 2016

Wave of the Future: One-to-One for a Personalized Marketing Approach

One-to-one marketing, aka personalized marketing, has helped many big companies shape their offerings to appeal to individual customers. Two of its biggest benefits include the ability to create promotional messages more customized to each shopper’s taste, and the creation of long-term business-customer relationships. The best thing about one-to-one marketing though, is that even small to medium businesses can afford to use it.

One-to-one marketing serves two important functions: First, it makes the customer feel more valued, and second, it provides easy access to the products and services that the customer is interested in. There are mainly two types of one-to-one marketing, namely: software suggestions and email marketing. Software suggestions focus on using automated systems to identify and suggest products that a customer will be interested in and most likely to buy. The suggestions are based on the data that the software gathers based on the customer’s shopping preferences and patterns.

Email is another one-to-one marketing tool that’s extremely affordable for small business. After all, all that needs to be done is to set up an email account and you’re practically good to go. Having a Google account for example, can give you the power to upload and target email lists in AdWords via Customer Match.

The key developing a successful one-to-one marketing plan is to develop a data system for learning and remembering the tastes and preferences of each individual customer. Later, you can use the gathered data to create individualized offers. Even if your business is small, you can still offer rewards that you can then use to track the products they purchase. Working with a savvy online marketer can be of immense help in this regard.


Example of One-To-One Marketing,

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