Friday, 2 December 2016

Five Ways to Optimize Facebook Ad Targeting and Reach Your Audience

You worked hard on making the Facebook Ad, and you believe it’s time to unveil it to the perfect audience. You post your ad, hoping that it yields the results that you thought it would, but it doesn’t. No matter how often you monitor it, you can’t notice any improvement in its performance. What gives?

The problem could be in the optimization. Maybe you’re optimizing your Facebook Ad Targeting wrong, or maybe you’re not optimizing it at all. Check out these five effective ways to optimize your Facebook Ad Targeting and see if you’re doing any of them.

     Find a smaller and more focused audience by finding the right combination of lookalike audience and interest. When you find the perfect balance between the two, you’ll narrow down your target audience and reduce the amount you have to pay for per-click/conversion.
     Use Facebook pixel to identify people who have already visited your blog or website then exclude them in the Custom Audiences section to avoid showing ads to them. If you don’t have Facebook pixel yet, now’s the time to install it.
     Split visitors into different engagement categories. This is more effective than defining users as one audience, as it allows you to align the audience with the messaging. Benefits include increased overall audience engagement, increased conversion from each audience, and long-term value for your brand.
     Segment the audience by the browser they use. Their preferred browser can reveal a lot about your audience, which gives you the ability to target users with a high conversion rate.
     Make separate campaigns for mobile and desktop. You may believe that showing the same ad on mobile and desktop will have the same cost per click on each platform as it is on only one, but this is not the case. In fact, CPC can sometimes go down when you define a campaign for both mobile and desktop, as Facebook doesn’t divide impressions equally.


8 Ways to Optimize Facebook Ad Targeting,

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