Monday, 10 April 2017

How You Can Engage and Retain Customers Through Personalized Marketing

Nearly 60 percent of consumers are more likely to consider a brand if they get personalized incentives, and more than half of all customers are more likely to come back to retailers that remember their previous purchases. If your goal is customer retention, these facts provide the proof that personalized marketing can do wonders for your brand in terms of visibility, engagement, and ROI.

Determine Your Objectives

Approximately 80 percent of your revenue comes from the 20 percent of your customers who are loyal. You're only going to keep them interested, however, if you know what you want to accomplish with marketing before you launch a new loyalty program or make changes to an existing one. Do you want to convince customers to purchase similar products again or to consider bigger purchases? Whatever it is you have in mind, clearly define your objectives.

Know What Your Customers Want

Base your goals on the data you're collecting. Consider how customers already engage with your business and understand what they expect from your brand. A good place to start is by looking at purchase histories and what pages of your website each customer normally visits. Doing so will allow you to offer incentives like coupon codes or special deals that actually appeal to customers because they will find them useful.

Work within Your Capabilities

Sorting through advanced analytics and data can be time-consuming if you don't have big brand resources. Know what you can realistically manage when it comes to the data at your fingertips. On a basic level, the data you collect can be in the form of surveys or from a look at what comments your previous customers are posting on their social media pages.

Commit to Personalized Marketing

Building mutually beneficial relationships with loyalty efforts is a one-time thing, so have a long-term plan. You'll need to keep your customers interested with fresh, engaging content that's relevant to their needs and preferences.

When done right, personalized marketing that encourages loyalty is extremely cost-effective and a good way to maintain relationships. After all, you're engaging with customers already familiar with your brand and your products and services. Keeping this particular audience interested can also result in them spreading the word about your brand.


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