Thursday, 11 May 2017

Personalized Marketing Tips: Focus Marketing on Benefits Over Features

It is often said that a great product will sell itself. It’s no wonder why many marketers often make the mistake of overemphasizing the numerous features of their products in an attempt to show people just how good a particular product is. What many of these marketers do not see, however, is that most consumers are now looking for the best value possible.

Today, consumers want to know how certain products are able to resolve the issues and challenges they face on a daily basis. This is how the gauge the value of a product. Naturally, the more issues a product resolves, the more “valuable” a product becomes. As such, online marketers must use personalized marketing to show potential customers the benefits of using a particular product. This is best achieved by doing the following:

Craft a Story 

Narrate a problematic scenario a good number of your potential customers may face on a regular basis. Talk about how using your product or service comes in handy in such a situation. Be vivid in your descriptions and storytelling; this will help readers imagine themselves as the character in the story and using your product to resolve the issue.

Headlines That Make a Promise

When marketing your product through online ads, you have a limited character count to work with. It’s best to use that limited space to make eye-catching promises. Focusing on what your product can deliver right from the start gives consumers a better idea of what they are getting in return. Some of examples of this would be “Lose 3lbs of fat every week!” or “Save an hour on cleaning every day!”

Avoid Using Industry Jargon 

It’s easy to fall into using industry jargon because you understand them and these terms often describe a scenario perfectly. However, take note that not all of your customers may understand these terms, making it difficult for them to comprehend how your product or service benefits them. Try to stick to layman’s terms to help avoid confusion.


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