Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Email Marketing Trends: The Growing Popularity of Interactive Emails

As people grow more accustomed to personalization in their emails, simply addressing each customer directly is no longer enough to capture your audience’s attention. This is where interactive email comes in. While earlier examples of interactive emails were limited to elements like product carousels, today’s most adept email marketers have started creating wide-encompassing checkout experiences right in an email.


Interactive emails bring some of the interactions traditionally seen in landing pages and puts them into the email. With email interactivity, clickers can complete a transaction then and there, which reduces barriers to engagement and makes people have even higher intent to buy.

Interactive emails allow more to happen inside an email. With it, you can add features to your email such as tabbed menus, rollovers and reveals, collapsible content, image carousels and more. Put simply, it will be like having an actual website in your inbox, forgoing the steps that lead to conversions.

For marketers, email interactivity lets you get to know your prospects better because it allows you to track their behavior, which arms you with data that you can use to move potential buyers to move through the sales cycle.


Two big issues hold back the adoption of interactive emails for most marketers. These are:

● Technical challenges such as the blocking of GIFs in emails, unsupported design, etc.

● Tracking and attribution changes that require the use of new metrics.

Email interactivity is still in its earliest stages, and it will take some time to get right, according to Marketing Land. However, its potential can’t be ignored, and you can only expect to see more of it over the years as it continues to evolve. To learn more about it and how to overcome its obstacles, consult with a savvy digital marketer.


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