Friday, 19 May 2017

Add a More Personal Touch to Your Emails Using these 3 Strategies

Marketing has certainly evolved significantly in the past few years. Where once TV, radio, and newspapers ruled the roost, now it’s all about websites, email, and social media. As the internet continues to change the way people live their lives, it is also changing the way businesses approach their target market.

Today, marketing through the internet has taken on a more personalized approach, and this is no more apparent in email marketing. Businesses need to ‘get personal’ with their marketing, unless they want to be swallowed by the competition. Personalization is the key to higher customer engagement through emails. 
To help you create an effective personalized marketing campaign, here are three things that you need to do:

Combine your email efforts with your social media marketing

While email is great for retention and driving transactions, social media is great for instant communication. Use the strengths of each channel and make them work together. By combining social media with email, you can grow your subscribers list and at the same time promote sharing on social and grow your fan base.

Use social sharing buttons

Social sharing button can increase click-through rates by 150 percent. This because networks of connected recipients with similar interests produce returns from email campaigns that satisfy their needs. Creating social sharing buttons and add them to your email is an easy approach that you can learn by yourself or with the help of a digital marketer.

Incorporate interactive and user-generated content

Interactive content such as GIFs, collapsible menus or sliders can boost your click-to-open rate by 73 percent. Likewise, include user-generated content like personal recommendations from peers to grab readers’ attention. You can use data and metric tools to create a lead nurturing campaign that delivers relevant content and personalized and dynamic email content based on different interactions.


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