Thursday, 16 March 2017

Worried About Email Unsubscribers? They Might Be Good for Business

When email list subscribers start ending their subscriptions, this could be taken as a sign of failure. After all, it points to people losing interest in a product or service. It may seem bad for business – but that’s not necessarily always the case.

Email unsubscribers help refine a client base

Losing names from a mailing list helps a company determine which people are still invested in their business. This, in turn, leads a company to focus on the customers it should keep investing in. Without dead weight subscribers, marketers can maximize a mailing list as a personalized communication tool for engaged customers.

They can point out room for improvement

Knowing that unsubscribers are no longer interested in a business is one thing. Knowing why they are is another – and far more important.

Many people unsubscribe from lists because they find the content irrelevant to their needs and expectations. Other people may find the content useful, but have problems with mailing frequency, or just the communication method itself.

Whichever the case, a steady unsubscribe rate indicates that a business should adjust its current email marketing campaign, and even that campaign’s overall audience. Employing personalized marketing specialists like Nosto can help clarify the direction a business needs to take.

They can help save marketing costs

When a business has narrowed down its client base, as well as the best practices for communication, it can optimize its marketing budget. This will help it divert resources to other areas of marketing or overall production, creating a win-win situation for the company.

When is unsubscription a red flag?

A good or bad unsubscribe rate truly varies based on industry, size, and email list quality.
Generally, though, an unsubscribe rate between 0.5% is considered normal. Anything higher than that is a red flag – and calls for the improvements unsubscribers indicate.


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