Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Next Level Personalized Marketing: 3 Simple Ways to Empower Customers

In today’s digital world, personalizing your marketing efforts to the tastes of your target market is widely accepted as a necessity. However, many consumers are now starting to get used to this approach, and are now demanding better.

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to take your personalized marketing efforts to the next level. You can engage customers better and empower them to make strong and calculated purchasing decisions by following these quick tips:

Create Better Customer Profiles

Use all your available metrics to create a single, actionable profile. Today’s analytical tools allow you to breakdown demographics, behavioral data, and location-based data easily. Take advantage of this and connect the dots to create a custom audience. Although customers are all unique, they still share certain thoughts and behaviors; knowing what these are makes it easier for you to know what works and what does not when it comes to a certain portion of your target market.

Customize Your Approach

Once you’ve made better customer profiles, it’s time to utilize your data to create more customized messages. Based on behavioral analytics, you can now anticipate what kind of images, text, and products your new target market prefers. As such, you can ditch an all-encompassing message and craft a specific message for each custom audience. This eliminates the “hope for the best” scenario of broad-scope messaging, helping you achieve better engagement and build better customer relationships.

Deliver Your Brand Experience Anywhere

Consumers have a variety of channels to choose from: desktop, apps, mobile devices, email, etc. Knowing which channels are the most accessible to them during particular times of the day allow you to maximize the reach of your marketing efforts. From Facebook ads to push notifications, being able to deliver your brand experience and a powerful message anywhere your target market is located can provide a significant boost in leads and sales.


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