Monday, 6 March 2017

Facebook Mobile vs. Desktop Ads: Knowing the Key Benefits of Each

Marketers who choose to advertise on Facebook have tons of choices at their fingertips. Though this comes at a great advantage, things can often get confusing when you’re just learning the tools. One of the biggest choices to make is which device should you focus on for your Facebook ads: desktop or mobile.

Facebook ads designed for desktop and mobile differ significantly, which is why marketers must choose their platforms wisely. So which one should you choose? Here are the key benefits of each

Mobile Pros:
     More mobile users means Facebook will focus more on their app version
Mobile is the general trend in social media, and since more of your audience visit your Facebook page through their mobile devices, then you should consider optimizing for Facebook mobile ads instead of desktop.
     Ads on mobile tend to get more clicks and generally cost less
Small businesses generally equate to smaller marketing budgets, so if budget is a prime consideration, it may be best to start with mobile Facebook ads and move to desktop as your business grows and your reach widens.

Desktop Pros:
     Desktop is more superior in terms of controlling features and customization of ads
Controlling and customizing the features of your ads allow you a more targeted marketing approach, which can be handy for niche markets.      
     Desktop ads perform better through wider reach and more precise targeting
General brand awareness is best achieved with a desktop marketing campaign, so if you want to grow your number of Facebook fans while simultaneously reaching your target market, then desktop will be the better choice.

The key is to find the one that works best for you, budget-wise as well as click-wise. For a thorough evaluation of your marketing needs, partner with a knowledgeable digital marketer.


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