Friday, 24 February 2017

The Value of Creating Customer Thank You Ads on Facebook and Beyond

Regardless of the business you’re in, loyal customers give your brand immense value not just for their return business, but also for their willingness and ability to give you good praise and support—both of which can impact your sales significantly. Attracting new customers and converting them is essential to business growth, but if you don’t know it by now, it’s actually much cheaper for you to retain your loyal customers instead of looking for new ones—not to mention more profitable.

There are plenty of strategies that help a business retain its customers. Email marketing, loyalty programs, discounts, and promotional giveaways are just some of the common ones that come to mind, but there are lesser known ones that can be just as effective. If you’re on Facebook, running a ‘customer thank you ad’ can give you the customer retention edge that you’re looking for.

Why you need to say ‘thank you’

Getting the customers to buy from you is just the first step—you need to convince them to keep buying from you, and this takes more than just consistently providing good service or quality products. You need to show your customers that you appreciate their business, and a customer thank you ad helps you do just that.
“How do I say thank you? Let me count the ways…”
More than just building brand loyalty and enhancing the customer buying experience, saying thank you can be effective in converting first-time customers into repeat customers. Here are some ‘thank you’ ideas to get you started.
     A personal ‘thank you’ video after a transaction
     A handwritten ‘thank you’ note
     Discounts, promos, and giveaways, such as free shipping or gift certificate
     Facebook shout-outs

If all this sounds exciting and enticing, it can help to partner with a savvy digital marketer who can help you create a more personalized custom thank you ad campaign.


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