Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Personalized Marketing Plays an Integral Role in Inbound Marketing

“Inbound Marketing is dead.” Marketers have been saying this incessantly since Google clamped on its black hat practices. Yet, despite this grim outlook inbound marketing remains a powerful tool for building trust, authority and creativity to this day. So why hasn’t inbound marketing died yet? Because it’s a perfect complement to practically all digital marketing plays, from search engine and social media optimization, to email marketing, and more.

Given inbound marketing’s continued relevance, it helps to know how to effectively incorporate it into an existing marketing strategy, and this can be done through personalization. Inbound marketing can work in sync with email, social media, and customer relationship management—it isn’t just about publishing content on your website. When a strategy is effective, all parts complement each other, and this is how personalized marketing can play an invaluable role in your inbound marketing efforts.

Personalized marketing poses a powerful opportunity to create a personal connection to customers by giving them specific features or tools that they may find compelling. Consumers tend to take a message more seriously when they see their names attached, because they know the product or service benefits them specifically.

Here are some of the benefits you may get to enjoy from personalizing your inbound marketing strategies:
     It’s possible to get as much as 250% increase in click through rates with personalization.
     Personalization bridges the gap between digital communication and in-person connection.
     Geo-fencing and similar technologies allow location marketing to be more specific and personalized.

Your ads can be personalized and interactive. You can even use them to build trust with your target audience. All these are possible when you personalize your inbound marketing tactics. Work with a knowledgeable digital marketing expert and make both tools work for you.


Why Personalization Matters To Your Inbound Marketing Strategy,

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