Friday, 4 November 2016

The 4 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make With A Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook Ads have become quite the powerful online marketing tool. Despite their ease of use and effectiveness, it can be so easy to go wrong with them. Are you not getting the results you’re looking for with your Facebook Ads campaign? Perhaps you’re wondering what you’re doing wrong. Take a look at some of the possible mistakes you might be making.

Targeting the wrong audience

Poor targeting is a common mistake that many Facebook Ad users make. To make your ad relevant to the audience, learn to use the Facebook Power Editor tool, as it allows you to target a specific audience with your ad.

Using the wrong call-to-action

Your call-to-action (CTA) is what encourages your audience to act, and thus it’s vital to your campaign’s success. Always check your Facebook Ad for CTA and ask if it compels you to click. Good CTAs to use include:
     Click to learn more
     Get your free quote here now
     Click here to win

Using an ad copy that’s not compelling or eye-catching

You have a split-second to attract the attention of your audience with your Facebook Ad, so you need to make the most of that time. If you don’t make it clear to your audience that your ad is relevant to them in any way, you’ll lose them. To communicate the relevance of your ad, you need to create several versions that target unique audience. Avoid the one-size-fits-all approach with your message at all costs.

Ignoring Facebook’s mobile ad targeting to target by specific location

You need to know how to reach smartphone users wherever they are to ensure they see your ad regardless if they are at home, at work, or on the go. Facebook’s mobile ad targeting allows you to do this, giving you the power to target the right custom audience at the location where they are most likely to respond to your ad.

6 Mistakes Marketers Are Making With Mobile Facebook Ads,

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