Friday, 21 October 2016

Three Tips on Using Facebook Ads to Cultivate a Healthy Email List

There are many marketers that can find it impossible to create a profitable email list, so they switched to social media as a marketing tool. In the same way, certain brands still find emails more suitable for their objectives as a brand and do not heavily rely on social media marketing. What all brands have to realize is that using both email and social media can be a bigger driver of success for your business.

If you’re having a difficulty integrating one with the other or if you’re struggling to make your Facebook ads work in favor of your email marketing strategy, here are three tips you can refer to:

1. Determine the ad unit best suited for your particular goals.

There are plenty of ways to drive engagement through Facebook ads, so you must pick the right ad unit for your intended audience and your objectives. You can post a link and drive people to your website, so they can fill up a detailed sign-up sheet. You can also post an image or a carousel of images containing your website link or contact information, and encourage people to give you their email address. You can even post special offers that people can claim if they leave their contact details.

2. Provide context for the user by having a solid ad.

Once you know who you’re talking to, then it should follow that you address them in a way that will compel them to share their email address with you. This means that your ad must offer some form of incentive for the user. Will they get learnings? Will they get a discount or a coupon? These are a few things that can encourage users to click and get typing.

3. Personalize the ads to ensure higher engagement.

Ensure that the ad is appropriately created—from picking visually attractive images and engaging copy. Get on the same page as your audience, and deliver them ads that align with their aesthetics, language, and priorities in life. When done with a reliable automated system, this can help you meet your objectives.


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