Friday, 14 October 2016

Let’s Get Personal: Using a Unique Tone of Voice for Email Marketing

No matter how often you update your services, upgrade your products, or improve your business processes, they would all be in vain if you can’t provide optimal customer experience. In fact, marketing experts believe (and statistics support it as well) that by the year 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. With a large majority of buyers willing to spend more for a better customer experience, you can’t afford to ignore strategies such as personalized email marketing that aim to prioritize and please the customer first.

The Era of Personalized Email Marketing

Marketing has several branches that cater to various media so as to reach more potential customers in a short period of time. One important aspect of online marketing involves the sending of customized emails to win over new customers, retain loyal clientele, and even regain lost consumers who abandoned their shopping carts or hasn’t visited your website in a while. Of course, while developing your email marketing strategies, remember to place the “human value” and tone in the content.

When you work with a team of experienced email marketing professionals, they can show you the advantages of utilizing a unique tone for emails, not to mention they have several ways to promote your brand and enhance customer experience via email marketing. They begin by identifying the distinct voice of your business—the kind of vibe or character you want your business to convey. After that, they work on learning the needs and preferences of your target audience, making your email’s content relevant and relatable.

Customizing your emails and considering the needs of your target market can go a long way in boosting your reputation and eventually, your bottom line. Even a simple “we miss you” email can do wonders in reminding customers that they matter to your company, and they’re not just part of a faceless group of people that make use of your products and services.


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